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Maybe the scuba diving isn’t for you. Don’t worry about it! You can still experience the diversity in marine life and corals of Cozumel with a simple breath from your lungs. At Dive Bros, we offer a guided snorkel trip from our boat taking you to the best locations on the island! We will teach you the best techniques and rules of safety of snorkeling, point out the marine life, and stay with you in the water the entire time! We also offer optional snorkel vests to all our guests all to make the experience more fun and safe for you.


Food & Drink, (Cater for all diet needs*) All SCUBA Equiptment, PADI Materials, Footage From GoPro and Cameras and an awesome time!!!!!

Number of Locations: 2

Duration: 4.5 hours

Price: $65                                  

Note: We do offer private snorkel tours as well as El Cielo tours. Please inquire if you are interested in booking this with us. 

2 Locations 



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