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Food & Drink, (Cater for all diet needs*) All SCUBA Equiptment, PADI Materials, Footage From GoPro and Cameras and an awesome time!!!!!

Are you the adventurous type of person? Then join us on a dive in the dark. Or. We bring flash lights for everyone, of course Night dives are extremely special, and an unforgettable life experience for sure. We are use to hearing divers claiming this type of dive as the best one they have ever had, the first time they try it.

The night dive is a absolutely beautiful and very different from the usual daytime dives - there will be other marine life to see after the sun sets. The big king crabs and moray eels come out of their hiding places to hunt. Most amazingly is the night dive when we spot the octopus that illuminate in beautiful green and purple colors as we flash our lights at it.


If you dare to, turn off your light, and get the full night diving experience as the movement of your body triggers the plankton in the water to illuminate in the dark like fireflies - on a good night this gives an avatar alike feeling of diving in the stars. Don’t miss this experience!

Number of Dives: 1

Duration: 1 day

Price: $65                                  

Note: you need to allow 18 hours to pass before flying after diving!

Location: This program is available from our shore dive sites such as TIKILA, and boat sites like Paradise Reef.




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