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Nazaret Murillo

DMT - Dive Master Trainee

Are you familiar with the terminology of survival of the fittest? Well, put your bets then on our Dive Master Trainee and newest member of the crew, Nazaret. We did. And he is a soldier. It’s hard to find anyone more hard working and dedicated to diving than Naza. 

This handsome young fellow is 27 years old and from Guadalajara in western Mexico. He replaced the daily job of installing security cameras with the beautiful turquoise waters of Cozumel. And we are so happy he did. 

Naza is extremely professional with his work in scuba diving, making it so much more enjoyable and fun for everyone on our diving trips. See for yourself, Nazar is definitely not cheap with smiles on his face, and has a laugh that for sure will put a smile on yours. Oh, and ladies.. He’s a professional salsa instructor as well. Just wanted to throw that one in there too.

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