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It is not for no reason that Cozumel is called one of the dive capitals of the world. The limestone skeleton of the island ensures a world class visibility on all dives, and the diversity in marine life as well as the impressive coral formations is something divers come from all around the world to experience. Cozumel has various dive sites for all levels of divers. Whether you are an experienced and adventurous diver who wants to do some action diving in a strong ripping current, or go deep swimming through the caves in the walls, or you are a first time diver who wants to chill in the warm waters at a shallow depth and get close to the amazing creatures under water on your very first experience with scuba diving. We can assure you. Cozumel has it all, and the diving here never disappoints. There are 25 established dive sites here - and we love them all. A few of our favourites however are

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