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This 184 ft / 56 m long Mexican Navy Minesweeper was sunken in June 2000 outside the Chankanaab Bay area. The wreck varies from 80 ft / 24 m at the bottom to 60 ft / 18 m at the top. Wholes are cut by the sides of it, to make it safe to enter Join us when we give you a full roundtrip in and outside the ship, take you to the sailors bunk beds, the captain’s office, to the bridge or to the bathroom to have a seat on the toilets, if you need. Mandatory is the Titanic picture at the bow of the ship to give you a unforgettable memory of your dive at one of the world’s biggest ship wrecks. The ship even hides a container from the famous GPS game, Geocaching - let’s see if we can find it.

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